DAWN Denim


What is the inspiration behind DAWN? A great product that gets under your skin and close to your heart. A product you’ll love to wear every day. A product that is absolutely in line with our core beliefs in people, compassion, integrity and cheerfulness. Being the new kid on the block, we are obviously not another heritage brand. On the contrary, we think it’s much more fun to play new games with a traditional material. DAWN stands for a fresh, modern and technological interpretation of denim, melting innovative designs with comfort and quality.

You can’t just wish for a better world,
you must go out there and create it.


To sum it up: we couldn’t be happier to present our debut collection for Fall/Winter 2014. We are celebrating contemporary denim with a range of women’s jeans, skirts and jackets with an emphasis on impeccable fit and individual character. The design concept puts patchwork and a sharp eye for detailing in the spotlight, playing with various fabric structures and indigo shades – washed for stunning effects and attitude. Another striking innovation is the use of a Japanese denim fabric with copper coated weft threads. After washing they unfold a unique, subtle metal shine when combined with the classic indigo colour. Streaks of leather bring a sturdy element to the collection – contrasting with soft silk crepe blouses. Adapted biker styles add to the lines free-spirited confidence and natural coolness. All jackets are made from premium Italian fabric and lined with Vietnamese silk, displaying traditional weaving patterns. 

DAWN is not claiming to be the perfect model of a responsible company. Not yet, at least. But we are just getting started and we are excited about what lies ahead. We have a very clear picture in our minds about how we want to carry out business and the direction we are headed. For us, every little detail counts when it comes to awareness of our environmental and social responsibilities. And we are acting on them. Sure, there will be curves in the road, challenges and obstacles along the way we did not expect. So what? Like everything in life, we start with one step and then the next will come and will be followed by the next…

As a company, DAWN is rooted in the willingness to take risks, our commitment to great design and working ambitiously with passion, focus and enthusiasm from early stage sketches to the final product you’ll find in-store.